OK, so it's been

 awhile. It's tough

 juggling a life and a

band. But you knew

we'd be back. Just

 like Jason and

 Freddie, you can't

 kill us unless you chop our heads off. Last I looked, our heads were still

 attached, so we're reaching our figurative hands out from the peaceful

 grave scene once again to startle you lucky victims with yet another

 Aesthetics release. Why the horror movie motifs you ask? Well, they

 kind of work as a convenient segue into a timely discussion about our

 new CD, Two Bit Tricks, in which we've used those cheesy comic book,

 monster magazine, novelty trick adds from the '60's and '70's as kind of

 a slightly bent design concept. But we've dedicated a whole page on this

 site to the new CD, so I'll not delve too deeply into it right now. No,

 instead, I'll once again take up this premium home page space to

 enthusiastically thank all the DJ's and MD's out there in radio land who

 took our last release, Drunk In Disneyland, out of its pretty little jewel

 case and played the hell out of it. We were thrilled with the reception

 our first national release, Incunabula, had, but Drunk In Disneyland

 went well beyond our wildest expectations, charting at tons of stations,

 and going to and holding the number one chart position at a few

 stations where the thing just seemed to go nuts. After all our hard work,

 it's nice to see the band on a chart, and especially nice to see it on top of

 a chart. It's nice because it means that our stuff is getting played, getting

 listened to, and we're actually infusing a little Aesthetics style Rock into

 the lives of folks across the country. After all, that's why we're doing this

 in the first place. We'd also like to send out a big "thanks" to the folks at

 the nationally syndicated Dr. Demento Show for playing Drunk In

 Disneyland as part of their "demented diet songs" show. We've been

 fans of the good doctor for years, but certainly never expected to actually

 become part of the show. One bad trip to Disney World and one odd

 song later, and voila!

      Wanna check out the new CD? Just click on the "New CD" link

 and read all about it. Wanna hear it, or maybe even buy it? Just

 guide your cursor over that "Hear it! Buy it!" button, and you'll see how

 you can be magically transported over to our page at CD Baby, where

 you can hear song clips, order a CD or digitally download individual

 songs for your portable player. Interested in the gear used to record Two

 Bit Tricks? We've got plenty of info here on what we're using to make

 noise these days. Everything you ever wanted to know about The

 Aesthetics is here. Maybe even more than you wanted to know. But

 there's no turning back now...


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